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Am Oved Publishers Initiative

Am Oved Publishers http://tinyurl.com/cheaq9z will contribute a children's book to the library for every new "like" on their Facebook site: http://tinyurl.com/7o7hkn8 (Hebrew only)



The Garden Library has been saved from closure by the generous support of many individuals and organizations.

We wholeheartedly thank all our supporters and contributors.

A big thank you to the Tel Aviv Municipality, The New Israel Fund and S.L.R. Ltd.

A huge thank you to artist Know Hope for initiating and producing a incedibly beneficial art sale event. To Raz Shapira Feinberg, who curated the show, and to Hamelaha venue, who hosted the show; to Shesek Bar, Hakerem and Niva Navon PR, who all contributed to the success of the show, and to all the generous artists who donated their works:

Yoav Elkayam, Nivi Alroy, Judith Asher, Tzibi Geva, Yair Garbuz, Michal Heiman, Orit Haviv, Noa Yekutieli, Tamir Lichtenberg, Sigalit Landau, Rutu Modan, Yochai Matos, Aviv Naveh, Salma Samara, David Adika, Hila Amram, Yirmi Pinkus, Sharon Poliakin, Anat Propper Goldenberg, Zoya Cherkassky, Shosh Kormosh, Alona Roda, Netally Schlosser, Keren Shpilsher, Robat, Broken Fingaz, Zero Cents, Know Hope, Klone, Forna <3.